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Hume for Fraud Detection webinar highlights

Hume for Fraud Detection webinar highlights

08 Dec 2021 by Alexandra Klacanova · 2 min read Hume Events

Just a couple of days ago, we hosted a Fraud Detection webinar. We chose to focus on credit card fraud to illustrate how Hume can help detect fraud faster. Our Director of Product, Esther Bergmark walked you through an example of a credit card company investigator looking into suspicious, fraudulent developments. Let me share what we covered at the webinar.Introduction to HumeGraphAware is a proud creator of Hume - a graph-powered fraud-detection and insights engine sitting on top of Neo4j. Hume is the missing link between Neo4j and the end user, which has the capacity to bring the power of...

Graph-Powered Machine Learning Q&A - all your questions answered by Alessandro Negro

Graph-Powered Machine Learning Q&A - all your questions answered by Alessandro Negro

24 Nov 2021 by Alexandra Klacanova · 3 min read Events

As you know, last week, we hosted an open Q&A event with our very own Dr. Alessandro Negro - the Chief Scientist at GraphAware and author of the book Graph-Powered Machine Learning. In this short blog post, we’d like to share some of the highlights from the event for those of you who missed it.The event opened with an introduction from GraphAware CEO, Michal Bachman, who shared his excitement over the perfect timing of the book. To quote, Michal said, more and more people are starting to realize that graphs and machine learning are “a natural fit, a match made...

Neo4j Events (Spring/Summer 2015)

27 Mar 2015 by Michal Bachman · 1 min read Neo4j Events Beginner

At GraphAware, we are very excited about the recently released Neo4j 2.2 and would like to share some info about whereyou can meet us in the next few weeks and months. Come and see us for a chat and learn something new about Neo4j and Graph Databases! On 6th April, Luanne is running a Neo4j Fundamentals training in Bangalore On 29th & 30th April, Vince is speaking about Spring Data Neo4j at Spring I/O in Barcelona On 30th April, Christophe is speaking about Neo4j at a Symfony meetup in Antwerp On 4th May, Michal is doing a Recommendation Engine Webinar...

Neo4j Events (Jan/Feb 2015)

16 Jan 2015 by Michal Bachman · 1 min read Neo4j Events Beginner

There is no better way to start 2015 than to learn something new. In the wake of two recent major announcements (here and here),Neo4j is as hot as ever, so it might well be the next skill you pick up or improve. Here’s a list of Neo4j events organisedby GraphAware around the world in the next few weeks. We’ll be delighted to see you there! On 17th January, Luanne is running a Graph Data Modelling training in Bangalore On 19th January, I’m speaking about Recommendation Engines at Neo4j Expert Talks in Berlin On 21st January, Christophe is showing off Graphgen...