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GraphConnect 2015 Talk

20 Nov 2015 by Michal Bachman · 0 min read Neo4j Conference Intermediate Search Elasticsearch

Last month, I had the pleasure of speaking at GraphConnect in San Francisco, introducing the Graph-Aided Search to alarge audience of Neo4j users and graph enthusiasts. For those who missed the conference, the recording and slides havenow been made available. Enjoy and get in touch with feedback / questions!VideoSlides Real-Time Recommendations and the Future of Search from GraphAware

Faster Recommendations with Neo4j 2.3 Triadic Selection

20 Oct 2015 by Alessandro Negro, Christophe Willemsen · 8 min read Neo4j Cypher Recommendations

Recently, Neo Technology announced the 2.3.0-RC1 release of their Neo4j graph database. One of the key new features is TriadicSelection built into Cypher’s Cost Based Planner. In this blog post, we will explore the Triadic Selection in detailand demonstrate how significantly it can speed up recommendations computed in Neo4j.What is Triadic Selection?A Bit of Theory: Triadic ClosureNetworks or graphs can rarely be considered static structures. On the contrary, often they seem to be ever-evolving objects.Any social network, for example, is often the most dynamic of graphs: at any moment, new relationships are created between existing nodes, other relationships vanish,new nodes...

Recommendations with Neo4j and Graph-Aided Search

30 Sep 2015 by Michal Bachman · 4 min read Neo4j Recommendations Search Elasticsearch

For the last couple of years, Neo4j has been increasingly popular as the technology of choice for people building real-time recommendation engines. Having been at the forefront of the graph movement through clientengagements and open-source software development, we have identified the next step in the natural evolution of graph-based recommendationengines. We call it Graph-Aided Search.Recommendations EverywhereAt first glance, it may seem that graph databases are only good for social networks but it has been proven over and overagain that the variety of domains and industries that need a graph database to store, analyse, and query connected datacould not be any...

Object Models and Spring Data Neo4j 4

03 Sep 2015 by Luanne Misquitta · 10 min read Neo4j Spring SDN OGM

Drawing a graph on a whiteboard is easy and fun! Translating that graph into an object model can sometimes result in questions such as “do I have to define relationships in both participating node entities?”or “which end of the relationship should I save?”.Your object model is key when using an object graph mapper such as Neo4j OGM. The Neo4j OGM library is the magic behind Spring Data Neo4j 4so this article applies to both Neo4j OGM and SDN 4.We’ll be using the ubiquitous movies domain to explain some common models.Bidirectional NavigationThe simplest object model is also the one that represents...

Integration Testing Against Remote Neo4j

20 Aug 2015 by Adam George · 3 min read Neo4j Advanced GraphUnit Testing

Writing integration tests for your code that runs against Neo4j is simple enough when using the native API, but there’snot a great deal of help out there if you’re working in client-server mode. Making assertions about the shape of thegraph can also be difficult, particularly if use cases involve more than a few nodes and relationships.In all but the most simple of scenarios, it can be hard to see why the graph in the test database isn’t as expected,as the feedback is often as black-and-white as pass/fail so you can be looking for a proverbial needle in a haystackwhen trying...

Cypher: Variable Length Relationships by Example

Cypher: Variable Length Relationships by Example

19 May 2015 by Christophe Willemsen, Michal Bachman · 4 min read Neo4j Cypher

In this blog post, we’ll demonstrate how to use variable length relationships (sometimes called “variable length paths”)in Cypher using examples. We will also see when zero length relationships can be useful.IntroductionLet’s start with the basics. For the sake of the blog post, our use case will be users that know other users. Userswrite blog posts modeled as linked lists:You can generate an example graph with the following link to a predefined Graphgen graph, oruse this Neo4j Console if you want to execute the queries whilst reading the blog post.Basic Relationships MatchingLet’s start with a basic query that will find a...

GraphConnect Europe 2015

05 May 2015 by Michal Bachman · 1 min read GraphAware Neo4j Conference

GraphAware is very proud to sponsor GraphConnect Europe 2015, the only conference thatfocuses on the rapidly growing world of graph databases and applications that make sense of connected data. The conferencetakes place in London on 7th May 2015.Throughout the week, London turns into the world’s capital of graphs. We are extremely excited to welcome our Bruges,Prague, and Mumbai based colleagues in our London headquarters. We are very much looking forward to meeting our friendsfrom Neo Technology from UK, Sweden, USA, and the rest of the world, as well as other valued members of the worldwidegraph community.As an important member of...

GraphAware Announces GA-Glass

01 Apr 2015 by Luanne Misquitta · 1 min read GraphAware

Graph Aware Ltd. is excited to announce their new partnership with Glasses Inc. Managing Director Michal Bachman claimsthat wearers of GA-Glass become truly graph aware, allowing them to boldly go where no Glass has traversed before.Powered by the GraphAware Framework and GraphAware Recommendation Engine, GA-Glass crawls the World Wide Graph to surfacethings most relevant to you, presented in a highly immersive visualization rendered by Q-Viz, a technology developed by innovative GraphAware engineers.To enter graph aware mode, all you have to do is say “ok graph”. GA-Glass is intelligent enough to not require furthervoice commands but assesses it’s surroundings to provide...

Neo4j Events (Spring/Summer 2015)

27 Mar 2015 by Michal Bachman · 1 min read Neo4j Events Beginner

At GraphAware, we are very excited about the recently released Neo4j 2.2 and would like to share some info about whereyou can meet us in the next few weeks and months. Come and see us for a chat and learn something new about Neo4j and Graph Databases! On 6th April, Luanne is running a Neo4j Fundamentals training in Bangalore On 29th & 30th April, Vince is speaking about Spring Data Neo4j at Spring I/O in Barcelona On 30th April, Christophe is speaking about Neo4j at a Symfony meetup in Antwerp On 4th May, Michal is doing a Recommendation Engine Webinar...

Announcing Spring Data Neo4j 4.0

24 Mar 2015 by Vince Bickers · 3 min read Neo4j Spring SDN Beginner

Over the last few months, GraphAware, Neo4j, and Pivotal engineers have been workingon a ground-up reimplementation of Spring Data Neo4j (SDN) that is server-first and Cypher-centric. Today we are veryexcited to announce the first milestone of the new Spring Data project for Neo4j.Server-first!While Neo4j has the ability to run embedded or as a regular server-side database, a lot of users favor traditionaldeployments where the database can scale independently of application servers. Neo4j server has provided the capabilityto do this for some time now but when the original version of SDN was written, it was designed to target Neo4jin embedded (in-process)...