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How does graph-based recommendation work

How does graph-based recommendation work

18 Aug 2021 by Alexandra Klacanova · 4 min read Hume Recommendations

Not so long ago, our very own Luanne gave an amazing talk titled Maltaware: Discovering what to drink with Neo4j on Nodes2020. Luanne demonstrated the value of graphs, and why they are the perfect fit for recommendation engines with an example of a whisky recommendation engine. Let me quickly walk you through a summary of why graphs and recommendation engines go together so well.Recommendation engines are everywhere - they are used to suggest products you may like, people you may know, places you could enjoy traveling to, and more. Recommendation engines provide immense value to businesses as they improve user...

Relevant Search Leveraging Knowledge Graphs with Neo4j

05 May 2017 by Alessandro Negro · 14 min read Neo4j Elasticsearch Knowledge Graph Search NLP Recommendations

“Relevance is the practice of improving search results for users by satisfying their information needs in the context of a particular user experience, while balancing how ranking impacts business’s needs.” [1]Providing relevant information to the user performing search queries or navigating a site is always a complex task. It requires a huge set of data, a process of progressive improvements, and self-tuning parameters together with infrastructure that can support them.Such search infrastructure must be introduced seamlessly and smoothly into the existing platform, with access to all relevant data flows to provide always up-to-date data. Moreover, it should allow for easy...

Bridging similarity islands in recommendation systems with Neo4j

08 Mar 2017 by Miro Marchi · 9 min read Neo4j Recommendations

Recommendation engines are a crucial element in the global trend towards a push-based web experience and away from a pull-based one. They provide the ability to personalize content offered to each user by predicting the interest the user will have in the recommended items. This is not only a powerful business tool for content providers, but also a vital improvement to the user experience. In today’s world where the volume, interdependence, variety and speed of information is overwhelming, recommendation engines can significantly reduce the gap between us and what we search for. Indeed, these engines are used even to enhance...

Graph-Aided Search - The Rise of Personalised Content

20 Apr 2016 by Alessandro Negro, Christophe Willemsen · 26 min read Neo4j Cypher Recommendations Elasticsearch

In our previous blog postwe introduced the concept of Graph Aided Search. It refers to a personalised user experience during search where theresults are customised for each user based on information gathered about them (likes, friends, clicks, buying history, etc.).This information is stored in a graph database and processed using machine learning and/or graph analysis algorithms.A simple example is the LinkedIn search functionality. If we were typing “Michal” in the text input, it would obviouslyreturn people where the name matches and order them by full text relevancy with some fuzziness:Lucene-based search engines such as Elasticsearch and Solr offer impressive performance...

Faster Recommendations with Neo4j 2.3 Triadic Selection

20 Oct 2015 by Alessandro Negro, Christophe Willemsen · 8 min read Neo4j Cypher Recommendations

Recently, Neo Technology announced the 2.3.0-RC1 release of their Neo4j graph database. One of the key new features is TriadicSelection built into Cypher’s Cost Based Planner. In this blog post, we will explore the Triadic Selection in detailand demonstrate how significantly it can speed up recommendations computed in Neo4j.What is Triadic Selection?A Bit of Theory: Triadic ClosureNetworks or graphs can rarely be considered static structures. On the contrary, often they seem to be ever-evolving objects.Any social network, for example, is often the most dynamic of graphs: at any moment, new relationships are created between existing nodes, other relationships vanish,new nodes...

Recommendations with Neo4j and Graph-Aided Search

30 Sep 2015 by Michal Bachman · 4 min read Neo4j Recommendations Search Elasticsearch

For the last couple of years, Neo4j has been increasingly popular as the technology of choice for people building real-time recommendation engines. Having been at the forefront of the graph movement through clientengagements and open-source software development, we have identified the next step in the natural evolution of graph-based recommendationengines. We call it Graph-Aided Search.Recommendations EverywhereAt first glance, it may seem that graph databases are only good for social networks but it has been proven over and overagain that the variety of domains and industries that need a graph database to store, analyse, and query connected datacould not be any...