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Neo4j Testcontainers - Everything You Need to Know

Neo4j Testcontainers - Everything You Need to Know

23 Feb 2024 by Sergio De Lorenzis · 13 min read Hume GraphAware Knowledge Graph Search Neo4j

Automated tests have become crucial in the field of software engineering in the last few years, even more than in the past. In fact, automated testing is now part of the Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) process, so tests may run in different shapes and environments throughout the development of software artefacts.While Unit Tests can be executed by taking apart a core component or class, by mocking every external dependency (DB included), Integration Tests and End-to-End tests require at least one real external component, in order to be as realistic as possible.

From Data to Knowledge: Search vs. Data Exploration

From Data to Knowledge: Search vs. Data Exploration

16 Feb 2024 by · 6 min read Hume GraphAware Knowledge Graph Search

Welcome to the third instalment in this series, which tracks the journey to revolutionise law enforcement through advanced data analysis. In this series, expect to uncover a wealth of knowledge that underpins the enhancement of policing methods using graph analytics. Join us at the vanguard of policing technology as we delve into the transformative power of Knowledge Graphs.

Registering a custom analyzer for phonetic search in Neo4j 4

11 Mar 2021 by Luanne Misquitta · 2 min read Neo4j Cypher Search

Phonetic matching attempts to match words by pronunciation instead of spelling. Words are typically misspelled and exact matches result in them not being found.Algorithms such as Soundex and Metaphone were developed to address this problem and they have found usage in the areas of voice assistants, search, record linking and fraud detection, misspelled names of things (for example, medical records) etc.

Custom analyzer for fulltext search in Neo4j

06 Sep 2019 by František Hartman · 4 min read Neo4j Cypher Search

We have already blogged about fulltext search available in Neo4j 3.5. The list of available analyzers covers many languages and fits various use cases. However once you expose the search to real users they will start pointing out edge cases and complain about the search not being google-like.

Mining and Searching Text with Graph Databases

07 Jul 2016 by Alessandro Negro · 11 min read Neo4j GraphAware NLP Search Advanced

A great part of the world’s knowledge is stored using text in natural language, but using it in an effective way isstill a major challenge. Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques provide the basis for harnessing this huge amountof data and converting it into a useful source of knowledge for further processing.

Recommendations with Neo4j and Graph-Aided Search

30 Sep 2015 by Michal Bachman · 4 min read Neo4j Recommendations Search Elasticsearch

For the last couple of years, Neo4j has been increasingly popular as the technology of choice for people building real-time recommendation engines. Having been at the forefront of the graph movement through clientengagements and open-source software development, we have identified the next step in the natural evolution of graph-based recommendationengines. We call it Graph-Aided Search.