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Luanne Misquitta

by Luanne Misquitta
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What a year it’s been for all of us at GraphAware!

We travelled around the world, starting on a great note in Bangalore, India and winding up in Ecuador, teaching, consulting, building cool applications; always spreading graph love.

Nicolas in Ecuador

Here are some of the highlights of 2017.

Neo4j love

GraphAware continued to be a premier Neo4j Solutions Partner, closing license sales around the world, conducting Neo4j trainings, providing support to Neo4j customers and being an instrumental part of the Neo4j community and ecosystem.

Emil Eifrem and GraphAware

Frantisek and Nicolas, core committers to Neo4j OGM and Spring Data Neo4j, made huge improvements to both projects, resulting in a major milestone, Spring Data Neo4j 5 being released in October.

We were Gold Sponsors of GraphConnect London and New York, and our team presented at both events, on topics ranging from Human Capital Management, Voice driven interaction with Amazon Alexa and Neo4j, Spring Data Neo4j 5 and Knowledge graphs leveraging Neo4j and Elasticsearch. Watch the recordings of all our talks on our website.

We always look forward to GraphConnect and the chance to meet up with our globally distributed team, and sometimes we are lucky enough to hang out with Bruce Willis too!

Video does not always kill the radio star! Nicolas joined the Graphistania hall of fame this year, talking about SDN 5 and his new book.

2017 was the year of GraphAware meetups too! Topics about NLP, machine learning, knowledge graphs, Neo4j 3.3, Spring Data Neo4j were covered in locations ranging from Lille to Brno to Budapest to Dubai! Slides and recordings are available now, start 2018 by watching them!

Janos was a conference regular, talking about Polyglot searching at the Big Data Universe 2.0 conference, and Software Dependencies at the V-day 2017 conference in November. Janos at Big Data Universe

GraphAware Summer in Prague

While Nicolas was on his trip around the world,

Nicolas around the world

we took a short break from conferences and meetups to celebrate 4 years of GraphAware in beautiful Prague! Team outings, eating and drinking (with highly contested claims of the best beer in the world) is what our team loves best, apart from graphs. Next year marks our Fifth anniversary and we can’t wait to see what KK has in store for us!

Prague tour

Pretty bubbles, cyber security and more

Miro explored the biology of connected data and systems thinking with 7Vortex, producing pretty bubble visualisations. Cyber Security, a vitally important global issue was researched by Eric, and he developed a JVM based STIX microservice, powered by Neo4j. It was also a topic of great interest at our GraphAware booth at GraphConnect New York.

Vince made great strides in making imports of big data to Neo4j great again! We were happy to sell a couple of Databridge licenses as well this year.

Jan Zak did some amazing R&D with Phonexia to combine their voice processing knowledge with graph algorithms to detect individual speakers amongst many audio records. Stay tuned for a detailed blog post on this soon.

GraphAware Knowledge Platform

What may be our “coolest product yet”, neo4j-nlp, was released earlier this year and was used this month in Russian troll interference analysis in the US 2016 elections. It is also the core of the GraphAware Knowledge Platform, worked on by Alessandro, Christophe, Vlasta and Miro. It’s fair to say that most of the traffic at our sponsor booth at GraphConnect was driven by the platform’s visual tool, created by Miro, Jan and Jan, for navigating complex textual corpus.

GraphAware Knowledge Platform

read more about the GraphAware Knowledge Platform on our site, and watch the videos of Christophe and Alessandro presenting it at meetups. Meanwhile, our Principal Chatbot Consultant, Christophe, made great progress with his work on chatbots, and presented at various meetups this year.

Where the sun always shines

Our fearless leader, Michal, not only braved the dunes in his beloved Jeep (click to watch the cool video below!),

Michal in his Jeep

but also established a firm stronghold in the UAE with some clients putting Neo4j into production this year. Our presence in the region was further strengthened with the number of Neo4j trainings and meetups held in Abu Dhabi. We look forward to another graphy year and more desert camps in 2018!

Vince in the desert

Of Chief Scientists, war, and peace

Our favourite Chief Scientist, Alessandro, contributed heavily to the success of the GraphAware Knowledge Platform, developing features along with Vlasta, such as keyword extraction and summarization. He is also working on the implementation of deep learning algorithms for textual processing.

We were hoping for a duel with our other favourite Chief Scientist, but alas, it was not to be in 2017. Perhaps next year?

Chief Scientists

Books, cooks and new GraphAware looks

Nicolas, together with Sylvain Roussy and Nicolas Rouyer announced the release of their book, “Neo4j : Déploiement”. It’s not too late to order copies for all your friends!

We are also excited to hear that Alessandro is working on his book “Graph-based Machine Learning” and wish him some peace and quiet in the new year to write it.

The foodies in our team continued to impress with home made pavlovas, granolas, pot au feu, whipped marrow butter, risotto with turmeric, chilli and smoked paprika and wood fire pizzas. GraphAware Chefs

Then we had flavorwocky recommended pairings such as baked pears and honey (from our Chief Beekeeper, Vince) with homemade blue cheese ice cream! Honey produced by Vince

A night to remember included sausages grilled over a fire and an awesome dinner of Kanec Goulash, thanks to Ales & Misha. Finally, an Italian summer featured personalised Italian nonna cooking experiences for KK!

Of course the star of our culinary year were KK’s cookies, scientifically tested and pronounced to be the best!

Cookies baked by KK

Our much awaited GraphAware hoodies arrived, keeping us warm during our gangsta, erm, graphster operations.

GraphAware hoodies

New nodes and relationships

Quite a few little new nodes this year! Michael Hunger and Rik van Bruggen covered for Christophe at GraphConnect London as he and Marjorie welcomed Giulia to the world. Another Daniella announced herself, courtesy Janos and Aniko, and we also drank to Adam, node of Jan Zak and Sona.

Giulia Daniella Adam

Our Viking warrior Frantisek, got married earlier this year, and we wish him and his beautiful bride Maruska all the very best.

Frantisek and Maruska

Welcome 2018

We wish you all a prosperous and successful 2018! At GraphAware, we look forward to the challenges the new year may bring and, of course, the fun and and excitement that comes with being part of the GraphAware family.

Up, up and away!


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