Neo4j Training

GraphAware can help your team get up to speed with Neo4j

Whether you've already decided to adopt Neo4j for your project, or you are contemplating doing so, GraphAware's on-site, instructor-led, hands-on training sessions will help your team acquire the necessary skills.

We are experienced trainers and have successfully delivered a number of customer on-site and public training courses around the world. All our trainings are customised for your needs; the technologies you use and the problems you are trying to solve.

We currently offer these training programs

Introduction to Neo4j

Introduction to Neo4j is a full day workshop that teaches you the basics of Neo4j. At the end of the day, you will be familiar with four basic categories of NoSQL technologies and know where Neo4j fits in.

You will have a good understanding of the problems Neo4j is excellent at solving and the ones where other technologies might be a better fit. You will be able to get Neo4j up and running and create a basic proof of concept, using the Cypher query language.

Neo4j for Java Developers

Neo4j for Java Developers is an intensive, hands-on, "zero-to-hero" on-site training for up to 10 people, who are already familiar with Java development but have no prior experience with graph databases.

The course covers all the topics essential for your team to start building Neo4j-powered Java applications. It starts with an introduction to Neo4j and the Cypher query language (Day 1) and continues with Java and REST APIs (Day 2), advanced issues, production deployment, and operational considerations (Day 3), finishing with an introduction to Spring Data Neo4j and the GraphAware Framework (Day 4).

Neo4j for PHP Developers

Neo4j for PHP Developers is an on-site training tailored to your needs for up to 10 people. No prior exposure to Neo4j is needed.

The training starts with an introduction to Cypher or an Advanced Cypher training (Day 1) and continues with data modeling best practices and how to master the Cypher Http Transactional Endpoint (Day 2). Afterwards, production deployment and operational considerations are addressed (Day3).

Throughout the training, you will also learn to use GraphAware PHPclient, the best PHP diver for Neo4j developed and supported by GraphAware.

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