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Hume & Knowledge Graphs Streamline Tax Office Investigation

02 Aug 2023 videos Solutions Hume Financial Fraud

In this video, we will present how Knowledge Graphs and Hume streamline Tax Office investigations. In particular, we are assuming the position of an investigator examining Businesses with potential Fraudulent claims for VAT Returns. The right tool enables investigators to understand and interpret relevant data much deeper and quicker, including proactively detecting complex patterns. This way, we help Tax Departments save millions of Euros from false refunds.

Fraud & Financial Crime 2023 | Raconteur

Fraud & Financial Crime 2023 - Raconteur

27 Mar 2023 Hume financial Fraud

In association with The Times, Raconteur published the Fraud & Financial Crime 2023 report.

"Economic downturns have a habit of becoming a breeding ground for fraud. And with social media, cryptocurrencies and non-financial sectors such as property, fine art and jewellery also proving hotspots for financial crime, there are plenty of dangers to watch out for. Will regulators be able to keep up in this constantly evolving landscape?"

Interested in the Fraud & Financial Crime 2023 report? Get the report here!