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NODES2022 - Neo4j With Docker and Docker Compose Deep Dive

25 Nov 2022 videos Neo4j

Christophe Willemsen, CTO at GraphAware, spoke on NODES2022 about using Neo4j with Docker and Docker Compose, presented tips and tricks on basic usage, gave an explanation of the Docker image itself, backups and restore and building custom images extending the official Neo4j image.

Unparalleled Graph Database Scalability Delivered by Neo4j 4.0 - Graph Powered Machine Learning

04 Apr 2020 slides Neo4j ML graphs

Presentation by Dr. Alessandro Negro, Chief Scientist at GraphAware and author of the Manning’s book Graph-powered machine learning, that covers the following topics:

Why unlimited scale is important when using graph databases

The new graph database scaling capabilities built by Neo4j developers

The role of graphs to support machine learning application

How Neo4j assists customers in scaling their applications

Concrete examples of machine learning projects that can leverage graph sharding

The recording is available as well:

Christophe on stage with Amazon Alexa

Voice-Driven Interfaces with Neo4j and Amazon Alexa

09 May 2018 videos Neo4j

The age of touch could soon come to an end. From smartphones and smartwatches to home devices and in-car systems, touch is no longer the primary user interface. In this talk, Christophe will guide you through the design of Voice-Driven UIs and show why Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, is a suitable engine for storing and computing context-aware intents in order to improve the user experience.