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Hume & Knowledge Graphs Streamline Tax Office Investigation

02 Aug 2023 videos Solutions Hume Financial Fraud

In this video, we will present how Knowledge Graphs and Hume streamline Tax Office investigations. In particular, we are assuming the position of an investigator examining Businesses with potential Fraudulent claims for VAT Returns. The right tool enables investigators to understand and interpret relevant data much deeper and quicker, including proactively detecting complex patterns. This way, we help Tax Departments save millions of Euros from false refunds.

Harness connected data to safeguard your community

10 May 2023 solutions Hume law Enforcement

Hume provides a single view of intelligence enabling analysts to quickly identify links and patterns of interest in the vast amounts of information they have access to. On a single canvas, analysts quickly find connections between entities, understand geographical and temporal context, and perform advanced network analysis.

Learn more about how Law enforcement agencies are already using Hume to power their intelligence analysis and achieve success.

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