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Spring Data Neo4j 4.x - Interview with Luanne Misquitta of GraphAware

04 Apr 2017 videos Neo4j

Bryce Merkl Sasaki of Neo4j interviews Luanne Misquitta, Senior Consultant at GraphAware, during Graph Connect Europe 2016. Luanne Misquitta talks about Spring Data Neo4j 4.x, a completely rewritten version of SDN to support a high performance object/graph map. Version 4.1 supports both an embedded library as well as Bolt, the new binary protocol for Neo4j.

Analytics & Experimentation Tech Talk

04 Apr 2017 videos analytics

The Dataportal is a data resource search engine which connects users with visualizations, tools, curated data, and metrics to do their job more effectively. It aids with data discovery, trust, and empowers Airbnb employees to be “data informed” in their decision making, and encourages a culture of self-service.