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When privacy matters! Chatbots in data-sensitive businesses

When privacy matters! A series of challenges for chatbots in data-sensitive businesses such as healthcare and finance by Christophe Willemsen

Meetup: Integration of Chatbots in Healthcare and BFSI, Dubai, 1.11.2018

How to Know What You Know: 5-Minute Interview with Dr. Alessandro Negro, Chief Scientist at GraphAware

How to Know What You Know: 5-Minute Interview with Dr. Alessandro Negro, Chief Scientist at GraphAware

Read the interview with our Chief Data Scientist Alessandro Negro published on Neo4j blog, where he talks about how GraphAware uses natural language processing to help companies gain a better understanding of the knowledge that is spread across their organization.

Read the interview

GraphAware Audit Module Overview & Demo

The GraphAware Audit module seamlessly and transparently captures a full audit history who, when, and how a graph was modified.

Signals from outer space

Vlasta Kus talked about the advantages of graph-based natural language processing (NLP) using a public NASA dataset as example. From his abstract: “[…] we are building a platform (from large part open-source) that integrates Neo4j and NLP (such as Named Entity Recognition, sentiment analysis, word embeddings, LDA topic extraction), and we test and develop further related features and tools, lately, for example, integrating Neo4j and Tensorflow for employing deep learning techniques (such as deep auto-encoders for automatic text summarisation).”

How Boston Scientific Improves Manufacturing Quality Using Graph Analytics

Watch a talk by Eric Wespi from Boston Scientific and GraphAware’s Eric Spiegelberg given at GraphConnect NY 2018.

Connect, Enrich, Evolve: Convert Unstructured Data Silos to Knowledge Graphs

Dr. Alessandro Negro, Chief Scientist at GraphAware, presents on knowledge graphs at GraphTour DC.

Connect. Enrich. Evolve. Convert unstructured data silos to knowledge graphs

View the slides from Dr. Alessandro Negro’s presentation at GraphTour DC on how to convert unstructured data silos into powerful knowledge graphs.

Lean Dependency Management: Reduce Project Delivery Chaos with Graphs

In this talk, Luanne talks about ways how to use graphs in order to reduce chaos while delivering complex projects. Streamlining dependencies by promoting zero waste.

Christophe on stage with Amazon Alexa

Voice-Driven Interfaces with Neo4j and Amazon Alexa

The age of touch could soon come to an end. From smartphones and smartwatches to home devices and in-car systems, touch is no longer the primary user interface. In this talk, Christophe will guide you through the design of Voice-Driven UIs and show why Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, is a suitable engine for storing and computing context-aware intents in order to improve the user experience.