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NODES2022 - Building a Neo4j/Python OGM

25 Nov 2022 videos CYPHER

Estelle Scifo is a Machine Learning Engineer at GraphAware and presented at NODES2022. Leverage Cypher map projections and Python dynamic typing to build an Object Graph Mapper for Neo4j. In this step-by-step session, you’ll learn how to get started on such a project, from defining the framework API to automatically building Cypher queries.

High Tech Security Firm Limbik Uses GraphAware Hume and Neo4j Graph Database to Create Information Defense System

24 Jun 2022 casestudies Hume

Limbik is an AI-powered system that surfaces potentially impactful mis- and disinformation activities and informs effective response options. Unlike other technologies and consultative services that are purely reactionary, Limbik utilizes proprietary predictive analytics to enable customers to proactively mitigate the scale and speed of today's information threats.

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Tracking Data Sources of Fused Entities in Law Enforcement Graphs

18 Jun 2022 videos Hume law Enforcement

Graphs are commonplace in investigative, intelligence, and law enforcement work. One of the primary advantages of a graph is to connect data from various data sources, digital and human, and maximize insights across deep and complex networks of connections, bringing them together in fusion centers for a centralized view of suspicious activities. For analysts, data quality and trust is key. The reliability, validity, and general consistency of data sources that contribute to forming real world fused entities is a factor that influences the analysts’ interpretation of events. This session talks about the challenges related to surfacing these aspects of data provenance and various approaches that can be employed to address them using Neo4j. We will touch on graph modeling, implications for data security, and how sources and information ratings can be effectively shared with analysts who need access to them.