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Mining and Searching text with Graph Databases

A great part of the world’s knowledge is stored using text in natural language, but using it in an effective way is still a major challenge. Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques provide the basis for harnessing this huge amount of data and converting it into a useful source of knowledge for further processing. It uses computer science, artificial intelligence and formal linguistics concepts to analyze natural language, aiming at deriving meaningful and useful information from text.

Empowering Github Social with Neo4j

With more than 9 million users and 21 million repositories, Github is the world’s biggest code sharing platform. Its API offers a window to the public activity of about 600.000 events a day. In this talk you will discover how this amount of user activities transformed in a suitable graph can become a new source of knowledge.

GraphAware Towards Online Analytical Processing in Graph Databases

GraphAware: Towards Online Analytical Processing in Graph Databases

GraphAware: Towards Online Analytical Processing in Graph Databases

MSc. Thesis submitted for MSc. program in Computing at Imperial College London, written by GraphAware's managing director Michal Bachman.

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What’s New in Spring Data Neo4j

Vince Bickers, Principal Consultant, GraphAware, contributor to Spring Data Neo4j:Learn about the latest version (v4) of Spring Data Neo4j (SDN). Neo4j is the world’s leading graph database, a scalable, open-source NoSQL solution for your data relationships. Spring Data offers convenient APIs for Spring Developers to build modern applications using new data stores. It supports object-mapping, DAO repositories and consistent access to underlying database APIs.

Recommendations with Neo4j

Michael Bachman of GraphAware discusses how to build a high-performance recommendation engine with Neo4j. He discusses business and technical challenges and shows their Java and Cypher code.

Podcast Interview with Michal Bachman, GraphAware

Podcast Interview with Michal Bachman, GraphAware by Rik Van Bruggen.

Create a Recommendation Microservice with Symfony, Neo4j and Reco4PHP by Christophe Willemsen

Graph Databases are naturally well-suited for building recommendation engines. In this talk, Christophe will share his experience building a number of production-ready recommendation engines using Neo4j and introduce the open-source GraphAware Reco4PHP Library, which enables PHP developers to rapidly build their own recommendation systems.