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How Boston Scientific Improves Manufacturing Quality Using Graph Analytics

05 Dec 2018 slides

Tracking end of line manufacturing issues to their source can be a daunting task. Boston Scientific, in partnership with GraphAware, has used the Neo4j platform to build a manufacturing quality tool that offers dramatic improvements to the time, quality, and quantity of investigations. In this talk we will review a manufacturing value stream in a graph and discuss the analysis methods available, which result in striking increases in business efficiencies, for this unique application. We will also present how the system was implemented within the existing data architecture and then scaled from a laptop investigational tool to an enterprise-grade solution with Neo4j Server.

Signals from outer space

29 Oct 2018 slides NLP

Vlasta Kus talked about the advantages of graph-based natural language processing (NLP) using a public NASA dataset as example. From his abstract: “[…] we are building a platform (from large part open-source) that integrates Neo4j and NLP (such as Named Entity Recognition, sentiment analysis, word embeddings, LDA topic extraction), and we test and develop further related features and tools, lately, for example, integrating Neo4j and Tensorflow for employing deep learning techniques (such as deep auto-encoders for automatic text summarisation).”

Connect. Enrich. Evolve. Convert unstructured data silos to knowledge graphs

22 Aug 2018 slides KG unstructured data

Discover how to turn your unstructured data silos into valuable knowledge graphs with the help of expert insights from Dr. Alessandro Negro. During his presentation at GraphTour DC, Dr. Negro shares valuable tips and strategies for converting unstructured data into useful knowledge that can inform decision-making and drive better outcomes. Whether you’re looking to extract new insights from large volumes of data or need to quickly analyze data in real-time, the strategies and techniques shared in this presentation can help you unlock the full potential of your data and transform it into a valuable asset. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from an expert and take your data analysis to the next level.